Women of Britain say Go
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Women of Britain say Go

BHC 99982

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Women of Britain say Go Poster.

3207 x 4892 px (27 x 41 cm) @ 300 DPI

In World War One, posters were one of the most important means of spreading propaganda. Nations were personified by women, such as Britannia: epitomes of morality, virtue, innocence and justice. This appeal to Britain’s women by the Imperial Maritime League to ensure their men enlist complements the male action required by Kitchener’s ‘Your country needs you!’ poster. The home meant security, to be protected from German aggression at all costs. Those who refused to do so would be spurned by sweethearts, and face accusation and recrimination.

This is a small image poster at 300DPI scanned from the original poster. If you would like us to rescan the image at a higher resolution for enlargenent to any size then please contact us. This will significantly increase the size of the file and may incure an additional cost.

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