Battlefield Historian

Battlefield Historian is a new type of military archive offering DOWNLOADABLE American Civil War, First & Second World War Photos, Maps, and Documents.

We have available:

  • Original First and Second World War maps and mapping.
  • Photos from our extensive photographic archive, covering the First and Second World Wars and the American Civil War.
  • Facsimile and perfect copies of historical source documents from the Second World War.
  • Rare reproductions such as the BAOR series of Battlefield Guides.

The unique nature of our service means that we only supply extremely high quality Crown copyright or public domain photos, maps and documents with NO subsequent license fee or copyright restriction.

Our prices also make our photos, maps and documents cheaper than you find from any other similar organisation. We can do this as all our material is downloaded rather than hard copy.

Compare our service to that of any of our competitors and we believe you will be amazed.


Please tell the world about our sister site.

At Battlefield we are all devout wargamers. To that end we have taking the plunge and launched our own online wargaming store called Redoubt Gaming.

If you are a wargamer or know someone who is please direct them to our new website where we guarantee that all the products we stock will be at least 20% off RRP- so for all your paints, modelling material, models MDF please support our new web store.


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