Operation Overlord Report and Appreciation
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Operation Overlord Report and Appreciation

BHC 99984

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Operation Overlord Report and Appreciation. This is a Cabinet War Office document which was published in July 1943 and is the original appreciation of the Operation to invade mainland Europe in what eventually became Operation Overlord (the D-Day landings).

This download contains a 138 Page PDF reproduction including all the maps and key documents in their original positions. It also contains as separate downloads the 12 maps.

Designed for academics, researchers and historians we have scanned the originals as high quality scans and reproduced them as a downloadable PDFs in their originally presented size and form (even including the blank holding pages). Your digital download will contain a PDF High resolution version of the document for you to print in its entirety, print the pages you want as many times as you want, for whatever purpose you want. They contain all the annexes and the maps in full size as part of the document as well containing all the maps as separate downloads so that you can use the maps as you wish.

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