LST's unload at low tide
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LST's unload at low tide

BHC 02166

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LST's unload at low tide (28 June 1944) on D Day plus. The beach is well established at this time, new roads are in place and the only real danger at this time was from infrequent air attacks at night. Some of the wreckage from D Day still lies on the beach. The string of ships sunk off shore on the left was sunk purposely to make a breakwater in operation Gooseberry. The building of the floating dock running from the beach was operation Mulberry . The LST's are unloading on Easy sector of Omaha Beach, the LST on the left is apprximately at Easy Red the next few are at Easy White and the remainder are at Easy Blue. On the extreme left the Dog sector of Omaha. The Easy sector of the beach was operated by the 5th Engineer Special Battalion of the US First Army.

3760 x 1448 px (32 x 12 cm) @ 300 DPI

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