Gold Beach Area 7 June 1944
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Gold Beach Area 7 June 1944

BHC 02263

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Gold Beach Area 7 June 1944. Sherman III 'ARMAGEDDON' of 'A' Squadron, 24 Lancers on the beach in GOLD Area, after debarking from an LST. LCT Mark IV 503 of 24th LCT FLotilla, 'L' LCT Squadron. LCT Mark III* 7096 of 19th LCT FLotilla, 'V' LCT Squadron & various DUKW.

5657 x 3760 px (48 x 32 cm) @ 300 DPI

Le Tourneau Crane on the right Tanks and equipment being unloaded on the invasion beaches in Normandy. In the foreground, a soldier is giving directions to a tank, LCT 503 and LCT 7096 can be seen beached in the middle distance. Note on the leading tank the waterproof wading equipment with which a high proportion of British and American tanks are fitted. Large numbers of DUKWs or "ducks" can be seen on the beach along with various trucks and barrage balloons hanging above.

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