Dr Carrot Poster
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Dr Carrot Poster

BHC 99981

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Dr Carrot Propaganda Poster

2244 x 1677 px (19 x 14 cm) @ 300 DPI

n 1941 " the British Ministry of Food launched a Dig For Victory Campaign which introduced the cartoons ”Dr. Carrot” and “Potato Pete”, to get people to eat more of the vegetables (bread and vegetables were never on the ration during the war). Advertisements encouraged families to start “Victory Gardens” and to try new recipes using surplus foods as substitutes for those less available. Carrots were promoted as a sweetener in desserts in the absence of sugar, which was rationed to eight ounces per adult per week. The Ministry’s “War Cookery Leaflet 4? was filled with recipes for carrot pudding, carrot cake, carrot marmalade and carrot flan. Concoctions like “Carrolade” made from rutabagas and carrots emerged from other similar sources.
This poster is unusual in that it is more leaning towards defence rather than cooking.

This is a small image poster at 300DPI scanned from the original poster. If you would like us to rescan the image at a higher resolution for enlargenent to any size then please contact us. This will significantly increase the size of the file and may incure an additional cost.

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