Churchill Tank
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Churchill Tank

BHC 01682

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During July 1942 on a beach near Seaford, Sussex, the 14 CATR trained in scaling sea-walls up to seven feet high with the aid of timber crib ramps. Under favourabe conditions, a condition a highly trained squad of 30 beach assault engineers could construct a ramp in five minutes. For these tests the materials were carried a distace of 30 yards and consisted of thirty 6in x 12in x 12ft timbers and eight 12in x 12in x 4ft chocks weighin approximately five tons. Twelve foot vehicle bridge ramps together with timber ramps were used on high walls and directly on low walls for wheeled vehicles. The Churchill pictured is from C Squadron Headquarters F Troops.

3904 x 2561 px (33 x 22 cm) @ 300 DPI

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