Barrage balloons in Weymouth
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Barrage balloons in Weymouth

BHC 01733

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Port of Weymouth, boarding ships at the beginning of June 1944 in preparation for Operation Overlord. The main focus of this photo is the barrage balloon in the front of the photo. Landing craft LCI (L) 497, 84 and LCH-87 can clearly be seen and on the harbour are: International IH truck 4x4, a 6x6 Navy, 3 WC Dodge, GMC 353 a closed cabin, a Diamond T Model 972 dump and two trailers with bottles of compressed hydrogen. Hydrogen is used to inflate via a Mobile Hydrogen Generator Hydrogen Gas M1 HP inflating dam attached to certain ships (it takes between 90 to 105 bottles for large models (1500-1300m altitude), and 13 to 16 small models (600m altitude).

2480 x 3249 px (21 x 28 cm) @ 300 DPI

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