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BHC 002612 Wire defences
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BHC 002612 Wire defences

Ref: BHC 002612

Wire defences at the top of the beach between strongpoints WN-18 and WN-20 were easily breached but were often backed up on their landward side by minefields. In the background commandos from 1st Special Service Brigade are coming ashore from the infantry landing craft which brought them over the Channel

Commandos of 1 Special Service Brigade, some with bicycles, regroup on the top of the beach while men of the Beach Groups search for mines, QUEEN RED Beach, SWORD Area, 6 June 1944.
In the background more Commandos are disembarking from Landing Craft Infantry (Small).
On the extreme left a SBG (Small Box Girder) assault bridge is visible. It was located at Exit 23, which is the rue Jean Jollivet in Colleville-sur-Orne (now Colleville-Montgomery).
A Sherman V DD tank of the 13th/18th Royal Hussars is starting to climb the bridge, while other tanks and vehicles wait for their turn behind it.
On the right, the Universal Carrier with the number '56' belongs to the 2nd Battalion The East Yorkshire Regiment.
Behind it is a 40 mm Bofors light anti aircraft gun on a Crusader Self Propelled mount, with a towed Bofors gun further behind near the water's edge.

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