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BHC 300017 First World War Poster - Remember Belgium
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BHC 300017 First World War Poster - Remember Belgium

Ref: BHC 300017

Germany's invasion of Belgium at the beginning of the First World War met with unexpected resistance, not only from the Belgian Army but also from elements of the civilian population. In a climate of mounting tension, some German soldiers over-reacted, shooting prisoners, as at the town of Dinant, and destroying buildings, such as the world-famous library at Louvain. British Prime Minister Herbert Asquith ordered an investigation into the alleged atrocities and the resulting Bryce Report of May 1915 roundly condemned the Germans. The report proved influential, shaping opinion particularly in the United States. However, after the war, many Belgian atrocity stories were disproved and found to be exaggerations made in the name of propaganda. The picture is a full-length depiction of a British infantryman standing on a hill, holding a rifle. A Belgian village burns in the distance and two Belgian civilians, a mother and child, approach the soldier from the background right. The text reads: REMEMBER BELGIUM ENLIST TO-DAY Published by the Parliamentary Recruitment Committee Poster No.19.

14 x 19 cm

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