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BHC 000581 Pre-embarkation
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BHC 000581 Pre-embarkation

Ref: BHC 000581

Boarding ships in early June 1944 - Operation Overlord. Jeeps on board the LCT Channel Fever, the jeep "ASP-II" is part of an armored unit, the other 5th BSE it has a painting "VESICANT DETECTOR M5" that changes color at the touch of agents chemical.The layout of the star, although unusual, can when the windshield is lowered not hide the badge of nationality, also avoids paint on the windshield cover the white star. Here the obvious purpose is to allow the driver when riding down windshield to see any change in the color of the paint gas detection.Clarification, in view of the direction of loading vehicles on the LCT (6), they are going to be transported to a larger ship for the voyage. If they had made __the crossing on the LCT, they are mounted in reverse. A LCM USS Thurston (AP-77) features a GMC with an observation aircraft artillery L-4 dismantled in its cargo box.

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