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Battle for Verdun

The Battle of Verdun was one of the major battles during the First World War on the Western Front. It was fought between the German and French armies, from the 21st of February to the 18th of December 1916, on hilly terrain north of the city of Verdun-sur-Meuse in north-eastern France. Verdun resulted in 698,000 battlefield deaths (362,000 French and 336,000 German combatants), an average of 70,000 deaths for each of the ten months of the battle. It was the longest and one of the most devastating battles in the First World War and the history of warfare. Verdun was primarily an artillery battle: a total of about 40 million artillery shells were exchanged, leaving behind millions of overlapping shell craters that are still partly visible.

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BHC 020800 - Americans in Verdun

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American advance northwest of Verdun.  The runied church on the crest of the captured height of Montfaucon.  This was the condition of the site after the Americans finally drove the Germans out ...

BHC 020800 - Americans in Verdun
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