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BHC 009035 Glider Pilots
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BHC 009035 Glider Pilots

Ref: BHC 009035

Two glider pilots (Sgts J.W. Whawell and John Turl) carefully search the ULO (Uitgebreid Lager Onderwijs) comprehensive school on Kneppehoutweg for snipers. The school had been hit by enemy mortar fire the previous evening. Note the supply container in the doorway. Both of these men belonged to E Squadron Glider Pilot Regiment and had landed on the second lift, probbaly in serial B-27 which had brought in part of 2nd Battery of the Lght Regiment. The two men had stayed with the gun crews hence their presence at the school as 2nd Battery was dug in only a few yards from this location. Neithermen are wearing any equipment save for weapon and ammunition bandoliers. Turl was killed four days after this photo was taken on the 25th September.

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